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The Robot is Naked!

Dress it!

2 September 1989
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1984, aldous huxley, alexandre dumas, alice in wonderland, alice sebold, anne rice, anthropologie, antique, arrested development, art, audrey hepburn, augusten burroughs, ayn rand, ballet flats, bare trees, barnes & noble, beauty and the beast, beck, betsey johnson, better than ezra, bird cages, bjork, black rebel motorcycle club, books, bookstores, breakfast at tiffany's, caffeine, cats, cityscapes, clap hands say yeah, coffee, computers, count of monte cristo, dandy warhols, david bowie, death cab for cutie, demetri martin, drawing, dresses, dressing up, fancy tiger, flight of the conchords, flowers, francesca lia block, fredrick leighton, french kicks, gankutsuou, george orwell, georgia nicolson, gil elvgren, globes, graphic design, gustav klimt, guys' bubble butts, heels, hot hot heat, how i became stupid, incubus, indie music, interpol, j.d. salinger, james, jesus & mary chain, juno, keepsakes, kurt vonnegut, labyrinth, lace, lewis carroll, life drawing, life of pi, lights, lingerie, literature, little birds, lockets, lolita, lord of the rings, lost in translation, lovers, make-up, malice mizer, marie antoinette, milan kundera, mix tapes, miyazaki, models, modest mouse, my bloody valentine, new order, norah jones, ok go, older men, origami, oscar wilde, perfume, photography, photoshop, pictures, pin-up girls, placebo, playlists, polaroids, post secret, radiohead, ray lamontagne, reading, red hot chili peppers, sailor moon, scrubs, sea wolf, sex, shocking pinks, soundtracks, sparta, sting, stockings, tattered cover, tattoos, tea, the doves, the killers, the little prince, the postal service, the radio dept., the shins, the strokes, the vampire chronicles, the white stripes, thin girls, toad the wet sprocket, unbearable lightness of being, vintage, vladimir nabokov, william bouguereau, william oxborough, yannick murphy, yeah yeah yeahs